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April 2018

Dev Update 4

It is time for Dev Update 4!

A lot of new and exciting features in this update!

First, main and the most exciting news: we have selected the name for the game!
Please welcome: Star Fortress ™. A new website for the game was registered as well:

My team and I are very excited working on Star Fortress! We also hosted an event in Florida Unreal Meetup demoing a current functionality. That was really awesome!!! I did not expect such reception. Everyone had tons of fun fragging each other! :)))

Now, some progress and tech news:

  • Energy and kinetic weapons reload
  • Added new locomotion states: dive and roll, roll after a high jump
  • Finally I was able to compile server part of the game for Linux using clang 5 and Unreal Engine 4.19 (see programming tips)
  • Fusion Reactor (ver. 1)

  • Tons of small here and there updates

Some Programmings Tips

  • Need to get montage played only on a part of the body? Do like this:

Also, you can make an additive montage. I use it for a weapon recoil.

  • To compile UE 4.19 projects for Linux on Windows using clang 5 you need to disable warning as errors:
    c:\Unreal \ UE-4.19 \Engine \ Source \ Programs \ UnrealBuildTool \ Platform \ Linux \ LinuxToolChain.cs
    – Result += ” -Wall -Werror”;
    + Result += ” -Wall”;

Dev Update 3

Dev Update #3 is finally here!

New features and updates:

  • Sniper’s scope is completely rewritten. What was wrong with the previous one? It worked as it supposed to work, but it had around 15-20 FPS drop when used. It was mainly caused by the fact that we used a second camera to render what you see in the scope. Why we used a second camera? Well, because we did not know any other alternatives how to make a hole in the blur panel (nice visual FX). After some experimenting with UE4 materials and a lot of trials and errors, I finally came up with a new logic that completely eliminates the second camera and does not cause FPS drop while having the same visual effect! :). As a bonus, a scope can be any shape (round, rectangular, etc) and, most importantly, it will preserve its shape when a window is resized.

  • Weapon recoil and spray patterns. This was heavily inspired by CS:GO.
    Ak-47 Spray Pattern
    The main idea here is that every shot follows by weapon’s spray pattern. That brings more realism into the game. It makes the whole game’s experience as a skill based game. There were some technical difficulties how to track aim,and a shot direction. But everything was nicely solved at the end.
    This is how a curve looks like for the blaster weapon that I use for testing. Of cause it is all adjustable 🙂

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.19. That was somewhat smooth until we start building for Linux (the server part of the game). A lot of errors and warnings showed up. Interesting enough, it all came out from the engine’s generated code and clang. I spent at least 2 full days trying to fix that. Still, there is no solution yet. Good stuff that we can run it all meanwhile in Windows. But I still will be looking how to make it compiled on Linux.
  • We switched to articy:draft to better organize files and ideas instead of Google docs. I got so many documents, tables, images, diagrams, etc, so placing it all to articy:draft gave us a nice management solution. Let’s see how that works out, we are still on a trial version (10 days left).

As usual, want to chat? please use Discord:

or choose something from contact us page.

Thank you,

Dima and Game Artists team