The Dark Heart of Balor

Coming Soon on STEAM, XBOX & PlayStation

"Balor" is a 3D hack and slash side scroller where you play as a hunter in a demon infested dark fantasy world. The hordes of Balor, Demon of Fire, will test your skills, might, and magic on your journey to slay him and his army.

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Chess Conquest

Chess strategy game with an intriguing story and unique, compelling quests. Are you up for the challenge?
- unique starting chess position layout
- role-playing story
- Scoring leader boards
- Riveting music and high definition graphics
- Languages: English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português

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"Chess Conquest" was selected by GAMESKEYS.NET in top games list for November 2020!
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Chess Conquest App Review (2022):
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Concepts and Future Projects

These are IPs, concepts and future projects for our studio.


Most of the positions are taken, but we always can strengthen our departments. We offer a fair compensation during the development and bonuses for achieving milestones. All positions are remote and require to use Discord during working hours. Interns are welcome, but it will be UNPAID and you already need to possess necessary software knowledge for the applied position, and it is mostly for gaining experience.
Main requirement: you must absolutely love playing games and enjoy making them!
All positions are very challenging. We are looking for candidates that really want to work on games full time and can put time, effort, and dedication to the project. You will need to work fast and at your ultimate best as our success depends on everyone in the team. If you are still interested and ready to get going, here you go:

3D Modeler

- Model characters, props, and environment
- Knowledge required: ZBrush, Maya or 3DMax or Blender, 3D Coat or similar software for retopology and texturing
- Link to your ArtStation or another art portfolio website
- Be familiar with Unreal Engine 4
- Big bonus: rigging and animation

Level Designer

- Absolute Mastery in UE4 level design
- Be very creative and make interesting levels and environments
- Deep knowledge in making custom materials and environment FX
- Make resource efficient levels
- Be familiar with 3D software, like Maya/3D Max/Blender

Other Positions

- Community manager (promote game in social media: Discord/Twitter/FB/Instragram)
- Sound FX and Music
- Advertisement and product promotion, media coordinator

Please send all your resumes to: